Retro Fit Aerated/Weighted Suction Domes Bottom Pond Drain

The Weighted Suction Dome or more commonly known as a the retro fit bottom drain range was developed for customers who have a new or existing pond but want the same great benefits that a bottom drain gives you, without having to rebuild your pond.



Weighted Suction Domes are a great device and once connected will greatly improve the water circulation around any pond. This improved water circulation helps remove suspended particles and debris from the bottom of your pond, resulting in reduced maintenance.



No digging or putting a hole in the center of your pond liner is necessary. Just place directly into the lowest part of your pond. A Weighted Suction Dome works in the same great way a Sump Drain does, pulling debris and solids directly from the bottom of your pond straight into your filter system



If you are planning on building/constructing a new pond we suggest looking at Pond Bottom Drains/Aerated Archives – Eco Filtration (

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