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8 Watt Ultra Violet Water Purifier Unit


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8 watt ultra violet water purifier unit


This 8 watt ultra violet water purifier unit will  keeps your pond clear and your fish healthy. Using a pump, the pond water is pumped through the UV clarifier where exposed to the UV radiation. A germicidal lamp produces this radiation and it ensures that bacteria and disease germs do not have a chance to develop. Also free-swimming algae are destroyed by the radiation guaranteeing that your pond water is clear.

Fault indication

This AQUASURE Double Ended Unit has been designed with a built in Fault Indicator.If a fault occurs the visual Fault Indicator light will be off on the front of the Electronic Unit. If a fault is detected, the fault detector will shut the Electronic Unit down to protect the internal workings of the unit and germicidal lamp, giving no power output to either end of the lamp. To reset the unit first switch the mains power OFF – wait one minute for the unit to reset itself and if it doesn’t re-light when turning the power on, turn the power off again and check there is no moisture on the lamp ends and the connectors are in the right position on the lamp terminals.

The unit is easy to install and maintain and comes with 1 years warranty and a guarantee.

Like all our units this one is fitted with a high quality Philips germicidal UV bulb

The unit will come complete with everything you will need to get up and running, it will come with 2 hosetails,2 threaded cuplinks,2 rubber washers and bulb

  • Fitted with 2.5m cable and molded plug
  • Ultra low running costs
  • Very easy to install
  • Built in fault indicator
  • Very high flow rate
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater
  • 1 ½”inlet and outlet