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43mm Flexi Hose Joiner Threaded Coupling

Part Number 11212 Category



43mm Flexi Hose Joiner Threaded Coupling

The Flexi Hose Joiner Threaded Coupling has been designed for joining pieces of flexi hose together. Due to this hose joiner having stepped hosetails it not only allows you to join various sizes of pipe together but can also be used for reducing your flexi hose size.

This Joiner is also allows you to disconnect each hosetails individually without breaking the seal from the flexi hose. Simply undo the retaining nut and the hosetail will just pull out freely. This is a great feature and ideal for regular maintains or cleaning to be carried out but also  will save time and money

The flexi hose joiner will be supplied with two “O” rings. Offering a suburb water tight seal

This hosetail can be used in-conjunction with flexible hose with an internal diameter (ID) of 20mm (3/4″) -25mm (1″) 32mm- (1.25″) 38mm-(1.5″) flexi hose.

Joining Spigot: Male 43mm Solvent Weld

For further information on sizing please view the dimension charts supplied

Stepped hosetails have numerous different uses when it comes to converting flexible hose to ridged pipe or other equipment. Hosetail are simple and easy to you.

When connecting any form of flexible hose to a hosetail please bear in mind that the internal diameter (ID) of the flexible hose will have to match one of the steps on the hosetail. We sell a wide range of hosetails that will connect to most hoses on the market so please ensure you are using the correct size. Please refer to our stepped hosetail dimensions chart for further details/sizes.

Solvent weld : Solvent weld hosetails can be used in conjunction with fittings, ridged pipe and equipment, providing the correct size is used. Our solvent weld hosetails can be joined using the outside diameter (OD) of the joining spigot and the internal diameter (ID), Please refer to our stepped hosetail dimensions chart for further details/sizes. Always use a non-Toxic adhesive

Always cut your Hosetail to the correct size and de-burr the cut for maximum flow

Supplied: 2 x 43mm Retaining Nuts , 2 x “O” Rings, 2 x 1.5″/43mm Solvent Weld 4 Stepped Hosetail and 1 Threaded Body

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Weight 0.116 kg