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8mm-4mm Air Input Tee Connector



8mm-4mm Air Input Tee Connector

This product is designed to connect 4mm airline to the perforated Hose

This item will fit snugly inside the perforated hose offering a tight seal

All fittings in this range have been manufactured from a high-grade polymer that ensures longevity.

All fittings in this range have been manufactured with a large internal diameter, ensure for a free flow of air/water

This Fitting has been designed to be used in conjunction with flexible hosing such as PVC airline. The fitting simply pushes tightly into the corresponding size of flexible hose/tubing.

For a water/airtight seal ensure the fitting is the correct size for the flexible hose/tubing for example a flexible hose/tubing with an INTERNAL DIAMETER will require a fitting with a 10mm OUTSIDE DIAMETER. ensure you have double-checked the size before purchase.

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