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Aqua-Jet Aerator 900 Pond Aerator

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Aqua-Jet Air Diffuser Aeration Range

Aqua-Jet Air diffuser Aeration Range has been developed to be the most versatile and robust aerators on the market. Proper Aeration is the most important part of a successful and healthy pond. Due to the robust materials used in the design of the Aqua-Jet range, the aerators do not dissolve/break up like more conventional air stones

All aerators in the Aqua-Jet range come supplied with heavy feet, not only do the weighted feet keep the aerator firmly in place when situated. the feet also help keep the aerator raised off the bottom of the pond. This helps in several ways, first of which it keeps the aerator out of any sediment that might be at the bottom of your pond. This will prevent the aerator from blocking. It will also offer 360 degrees of air movement and utilize the full benefits of the perforated hose

Our Whole Range

Our whole range of Aerators are weighted to sit on the bottom and have been developed to release fine bubbles, they come in a range of sizes to suit any pond, and are simple to clean.

The rectangle aerator has been designed to fit into a square tank; this allows the aerator to fit in the corners as opposed to the round aerators. The single bar aerator is great for when space is tight.

  • Triple Bar Air Diffuser – 560mm x 170mm x 95mm, Supplied with 10m x 6mmID air tubing. Recommended air pump size 60-80LPM
  • Single Bar Air Diffuser – 500mm x 20mm x 95mm,  Supplied with 10m x 4mmID  air tubing. Recommended air pump size 60-80LPM
  • Triple Ring Air Diffuser – 435mm dia. = 3160mm of porous pipe, Supplied with 10m x 6mmID air tubing. Recommended air pump size 60-80LPM
  • Aqua – Jet 700 – 225mm dia. = 700mm of porous pipe, Supplied with 10m x 4mmID air tube. Recommended air pump size 30-40LPM
  • Aqua – Jet 900 – 320mm dia. = 900mm of porous pipe, Supplied with 10m x 4mmID air tube. Recommended air pump size 30-40LPM

Please note: air pump sizes will depend on the situation/setup it is used in conjunction with.    eco-filtration only recommends.

The clear airline is supplied with all of our aerators opposed to the green in the product images, this was just for the benefit of the photo

These can be used alone, or in groups, therefore offering the scope of being placed anywhere on the pond floor, these weighted air diffuser rings offer superb performance

Why You Need Aeration

Aeration is very important, the deeper your pond is, the less air there is at the bottom. A layer of air-depleted space can form, this is from organic waste, rotting vegetation, fish food, and fish waste this uses a large amount of oxygen to degrade and is the reason for bad smells coming from your pond. This is more so in summer with increased feeding.

The amount of oxygen held in the water is determined by temperature, less oxygen is available in warmer water. This can become critical in the summer months with the increased demand from aquatic life and plant growth but fish can become stressed or even die without sufficient aeration being provided.

There are three ways of putting air back into your pond, Aerating Plants, surface Aeration, and Bottom Aerators. Aerating plants are a great addition to a pond but release oxygen during the day but consume oxygen at night. Surface Aerators include Waterfalls and Fountains or the return pipe from your filter system, but these only put air into the surface of your pond. Bottom Aerators put air in from the very bottom eliminating the oxygen-poor zone and stagnant water, reducing dead spots in the pond for debris to settle by keeping the water moving, as the bubbles rise they enrich the whole pond, and only when the surface tension is broken can harmful gases be vented, so the finer the bubbles the more oxygen is put into the pond.

The enriched oxygen levels also help the beneficial bacteria to break down waste therefore an aerator placed in your Biological filter chamber is a good idea.


Additional Parts/Products in the Aqua-Jet Range

Replacement Parts.

Replacement perforated hose for each product in the aqua-jet range is also available. This ensures your product will last a lifetime.

Aqua-Jet Air Line Weighted Feet

Aqua-Jet Air line weighted feet have been purposely designed for securing/weighting down and form of airline.

The weighted feet can be used in conjunction with airlines up to 20mm Dia making them extremely versatile. The Aqua-Jet weighted feet are also suitable for full submersion in water

To use this product simply tighten the plastic strap down around the airline, once tightened around the airline the weighted feet will be securely attached to the airline.

This product is ideal for hiding the airline around your pond. Making it easy to neaten up where the airline sits at the bottom of your pond.

This kit will be supplied with 5 Aqua-Jet weighted feet

For more additional information please View to our website

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