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Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump Range

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What is the Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump?

The Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump range is made up of several flexible filter pumps that can be put to almost any use. The pumps range in strength from the 23W  model (SWD-2500) with a 2500lph maximum flow rate to the 150W model (SWD-20000) with a 20,000lph maximum flow rate. All models in the range are DC making them highly energy efficient and cheaper to run than other pond pumps.

Models (SWD-2500),(SWD-6000)&(SWD-12000) variable pumps can control the flow reducing or increasing the power from 30% to 100%. Model (SWD-20000) variable pump can be turned from 100% flow to 1%. 100% will match the maximum flow rate of the pump. 1% will be 0.01x the maximum flow rate of the pump.

Why a DC pump?

DC water pumps have many advantages, including safety, ease of installation, high efficiency & energy saving, long lifespan, and quieter. In addition, the DC water pump has another significant advantage: it can provide ample torque and pressure based on its high RPM. As a result, the DC water pump can provide a much higher max head than the AC water pump of the same size.

Why should I buy this variable pump?

The Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump range is both versatile and durable. It’s ideal for pond keepers with a large population of fish as they’re adjustable so you can pass the correct flow rate through a pond filter or waterfall. By reducing the flow rate you will be also reducing electricity consumption. With the option to perform as either an internal or external pump, this range is a great choice for pond builders looking to experiment and try different pond configurations as well. The Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump comes with a hose tails allowing for connection to most standard-sized hoses, as well as a BSP screw thread to allow you to plumb it into hard pipework.

Key Features

  • Flow rate from 2500lph – 20,000lph
  • 5mm Solids handling capacity
  • Energy efficient and cheap to run
  • Designed for a large population of fish
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • 4 models to choose from
  • Dry or wet application
  • Easy to maintain

Which Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump should I buy?

The Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump range runs from small-sized models, suitable for most pond builds, to large pumps capable of rivalling many high-end professional pumps. Below is a table to help you choose the right pump for your pond depending on your flow rate and maximum fountain height needs.

How do I set up the Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump?

The Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump range can be installed in a few different ways. If you’re creating an internal, filter or fountain pump, simply hook up the 10m power line and position the pump wherever you want it in your pond. However, if you want to use the Hsbao Variable Flow Pump as an external pump you will need to prime it first before it’s ready for use.

How do I clean this pond pump?

Thanks to a large pre-filter strainer cage, cleaning the Hsbao Variable Flow Pond Pump is quick and easy. Just detach the basket and give it a good scrub in a bucket of pond water. Occasionally, you might want to open the impeller housing while the filter basket is off to clean the impeller in the same pond water while protecting the brittle ceramic shaft.

Model Watts (W) Working Voltage (V) H Max (M) Q Max (L/H) Size L*W*H (MM) Inlet/Outlet Thread Supplied Hosetails (ID Hose/Tubing)
SWD-2500 23 DC24V 2.5 2500 138*71*95 0.75 Male BSP 16&20mm
SWD-6000 45 DC24V 4 6000 220*104*130 1.25” Male BSP 25,32&38mm
SWD-12000 85 DC24V 5 12000 232*104*130 1.5” Male BSP 25,32&38mm
SWD-20000 150 DC24V 7 20,000 310*235*185 2” Male BSP 25,32,38&50mm

Additional information

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Pump Size

SWD-2500 (2500 L/H), SWD-6000 (6000 L/H), SWD-12000 (12000 L/H), SWD-20000 (20,000 L/H)