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Free Standing Strainer Unit Kit



Free Standing Strainer Unit Kit


Designed to be fitted inline between your weighted suction dome and pump, the inline strainer unit catches any large debris that is “drawn” into your system via the weighted suction dome. The Free Standing strainer unit incorporates three strainer cages that will prevent any large debris from being sucked into pumps, pond heaters etc.

The Free Standing Strainer Kit is supplied with a multitude of fittings that can be easily customized to suit requirements of the application to enable connection of most standard sizes of ridged pipe & Flexible hose. The kit is supplied with different sized bush’s that connect to 43mm OD (40mm Domestic Waste), 48.3mmOD (1.5′ Pressure), 50mm OD, 56mm OD (50mm Domestic Waste) & 60.3mmID Fittings/pipe.

43mm 4 Stepped Hosetail – can be used in-conjunction with a flexible hose with an internal diameter (ID) of 20mm (3/4″) -25mm (1″) 32mm- (1.25″) 38mm-(1.5″) flexi hose.

50mm 3 Stepped Hosetail – can be used in-conjunction with flexible hose with an internal diameter (ID) of 30mm-40mm-50mm

The kit is also supplied with two 2″ Valterra Gate Valves, the gate valves will ensure the feed and return line to be shut off when cleaning is being carried out.

The Free Standing Strainer unit features two threaded retaining clamps, once removed the base, body and top of the unit will be released enabling the baskets to be removed and cleaned.

The strainer cage is designed to be fitted in an upright position with the mounting brackets supplied.

Due to the tall designed of the strainer unit it offers a large surface aera for the strainer cage, dramatically reducing the chance of blocking and prolonging Maintenace internals.

This unit can be fitting before or after a pump


Strainer length-550mm

Strainer Dia-100mm

Free Standing Strainer Units Dimensions- 230mm(W) x 750mm(H)

Please Note: This Product is solvent weld

Additional information

Pre-Filter Size

43mm Pre-Filter Kit (40mm Domestic Waste), 56mm Pre-Filter Kit (50mm Domestic Waste), 110mm Pre-Filter Kit