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Removable Strainer/Cage from a 2″/56mm Threaded Tank Connector (50mm Domestic Waste-Pipe)



Removable Strainer/Cage from a  2″/56mm Threaded Tank Connector (50mm Domestic Waste-Pipe)

The removable strainer/cage from a  2″/56mm threaded tank connector kit comes with all the necessary parts to connect your strainer to a tank/filter box.

The kit will come supplied with the removable strainer, 56mm-56mm internal joiner and a 56mm threaded tank connector. (Please refer to our thread tank connector chart for more information on dimensions)

The kit will come unassembled so this enables the customer to choose a configuration appropriate for the application that they need. The 56mm threaded tank connect has a double socked design enabling it to receive rigid pipe/fittings on either side.

Strainers are ideal for any inlet or outlet pipe work on filters. The strainer will stop large debris from going into the actual filter. The strainer has been designed to be attached to any 2”/56mm rigid pipe, with the addition of a removable nut. This allows for a secure/tight fit but is easy to clean by just unthreading the nut

The strainer can also prevent fish from disappearing through the pipework.

This strainer is also perfect for using in-between ports/inlets in your filter. Stopping any media from leaving its intended chamber.

For more information on dimensions of compatible fittings and pipe work please look at our pipe dimension and identification chart supplied.


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