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Who Is Aqua Sure?

Most of the products we sell on our site and other company’s across the koi and pond trade have the name/brand “Aqua Sure” on them. But who is aqua sure and where does it come from?

To better understand this we asked Air Care products, Air care products are a leading manufactures in the UK for all things related to ponds, filters, and electrical appliances plus many more

Air Care Products Said “We have been a manufacturing company since the 1970s, mainly we undertake large bespoke moulding projects for other companies but over the past few decades we have built a substantial product range associated in the koi/pond trade. We are responsible for designing, developing, and manufacturing a lot of the steeple products associated with the Koi/pond trade such as bottom drains, flanged and threaded tank connectors, ultraviolet sterilisers, aerators, weighted suction domes/retro drains, plus many other products that are essential in all pond and filter system builds. All our pond-related products are under the brand name Aqua Sure”.

If you require any information regarding any Aqua Sure product please contact

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