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UVO Sterilizer Units

Here at eco-filtration we are always trying to lead the way in water purification, well this range of products we are very excited about. The UVO Sterilizer units combines ultra violet and ozone (O3) together in one standalone unit that offers maximum purification power but cutting back on running costs. Depending on the application, air or water this unit treats both at the same time. The UVO unit omits a controlled dosage of ozone gas (O3) that oxidizes any organic carbons the (O3) gas comes into contact with. The end result being crystal clear water that is rid from any water or air born disease and bacteria.

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  • Aqua Sure UVO Sterilizer Unit

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  • Single Ended Quartz Washer (2 Pack)

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  • UVO Lamps (Ultra Violet Ozone)

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