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4″/110mm Internal Blanking Bung Reducing to 60.3mm/2″ Pressure



4″/110mm Internal Blanking Bung Reducing to 60.3mm/2″ Pressure

A sturdy/heavy duty reducer, going from 4”/110mm down to 60.3mm/2″ Pressure

An internal blanking bung is designed to be solvent welded internally to any fitting with an internal diameter (ID) of 110mm

Opposed to a more common external blanking endcap, that when wanting to bank a fitting such as a tee. The use of a short length of pipe would have to be fitted/glued into the blank endcap to allow it to be fitted to fittings such as a tee. Opposed to a Bung that can be fitted to various types of fitting/pipe work internally without the aid of anymore pipe work for a joiner. This not only reduces the number of joints/seals in your system but also keep everything looking tidy and minimalistic

This bung is a solvent weld fitting
This bung can only be used with 4”/110mm fittings

Please Note: This fitting has an outside diameter of 110mm, making it the same size as 110mm solvent weld pipe and unable to Fit internally. This blanking bung is for use with fittings that have an internal diameter of 110mm

If unsure about what size pipe you have/need please refer to our pipe identification chart.

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