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43mm/1.5″ID – 1.5″ BSP Male Thread



Reducing/Joining Bushes

43mm/1.5″ID – 1.5″BSP Male Thread

Reducing/Joining Bushes have an endless amount of uses. Bushes can be used in different way such as from getting from a larger DIA pipe/fitting to a smaller pipe/fitting.

A joining bush can be used as the name suggests to join two pieces of pipe/fittings together internally or externally providing you have the right size.

All the bushes in the range can be solvent welded. (Always use a non-toxic adhesive)

All of our measurements are taken from the ID (internal diameter) and the OD (outside diameter)

Understanding BSP Thread Sizes

BSP thread sizes are mentioned throughout our listings as these are standard thread sizes used throughout the sanitary industry.
This term stands for ‘British Standard Pipe’ although it is used as an international measure throughout the world.

If you have a fitting and you’re not sure what size it is, this simple guide should help.

Please note BSP sizes have no relation to their increments in inches. Please follow the chart to understand/decide the size you require

½” – 20.9mm
¾” – 26.4mm
1” – 33.2mm
1.25” – 41.9mm
1.5” – 47.8mm

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