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4″ Pressure To Waste Bottom Drain Socket (110mm-114.3mm)



Reducing/Joining Bushes

This reducing bush has an OD of 110mm/4” Waste – 114.3mm/4” Pressure ID

This bush is ideal for use in a bottom drain sump. This will change a standard 110mm/4” waste size bottom drain to 114.3mm/4” Pressure size

This bush will reduce pipe/fitting sizes from 114.3mm (4” Pressure) – 110mm (4” Waste)

Reducing/Joining Bushes have an endless amount of uses. Bushes can be used in a different way such as from getting from a larger DIA pipe/fitting to a smaller pipe/fitting.

A joining bush can be used as the name suggests joining two pieces of pipe/fittings together internally or externally providing you have the right size.

All the bushes in the range can be solvent welded. (Always use a non-toxic adhesive)

All of our measurements are taken from the ID (internal diameter) and the OD (outside diameter)

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