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43mm InLine Non-Return Valve (Small) (40mm Domestic Waste Pipe)



43mm InLine Non-Return Valve (Small) (40mm Domestic Waste Pipe)

This valve is supplied with 2 x 43mm Solvent weld hosetails This hosetail can be used in-conjunction with flexible hose with an internal diameter (ID) of 20mm (3/4″) -25mm (1″) 32mm- (1.25″) 38mm-(1.5″) flexi hose. (Please view stepped hosetail chart) Also included are 2 x 43mm reducer bush’s, which enables the valve to be used with 43mm OD rigid pipe Or fittings

What is an InLine Non-Return Valve?: A InLine Non-Return Valve is designed to stop the free flow of water coming back to your pump/system. It offers a non-restrictive flow of water when being pumped through the valve. Once the pump has stopped the valve will automatically close, sealing the valve shut and offering a watertight seal

The Inline Non-Return Valve has been designed with a threaded body and threaded retaining nut, This design securely holds/seals the hosetails in place but makes the removal very simple and easy. Either this is for maintenance or cleaning. So to remove the hosetails simply un-thread the retaining nut and the hosetails will be released from the valve body.

The Inline Non-Return Valve is available in two different sizes: The model of the Inline Non-Return Valve that you need will be determined by the size of the flexible hose you want to connect to. For More Information on other models please click

Do you Need The Inline Non-Return Valve Conversion Kit?

The Inline Non-Return Valve Conversion Kit enables this valve to work with rigid pipe or fittings; This kit still enables the removal of pipe/fitting by unthreading the Spinner Nut. This is essential when it comes to carrying out maintenance on your valve.

This kit simply threads onto your valve. the spinner nut has an outside diameter (OD) of 56mm. This is designed to attach to 56mm(ID) fittings such as bends, tees, and pump fittings. The addition of the 56mm-56mm straight connector will allow for 56mm (OD) ridged pipe to connect to the valve

For more information please click

Supplied with the InLine 43mm Non-Return Valve Kit:

  • Inline Non-Return Valve
  • 2 x Retaining Nuts
  • 2 x Sealing “O”Rings
  • 2 x Stepped Hosetails(size depending on what model)
  • 2 x 43mm Reducing Bushs

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