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4″ Ball Valve



4″ Ball Valve

This Ball valve will work in-conjunction with pipe sizes of 110mm(waste) and 114.3mm(Pressure) once the bushes have been installed

For further information on sizing please view the dimension charts supplied

Ball Valves are used to control flow and to shut off the water supply, so that pond equipment can be removed for maintenance without draining the whole system, for example, it is essential that all pumps have slide valves or ball valves on the inlet and outlet.

The ball valves are manufactured from Industrial grade PVC and feature a double union design. The valves have a collar at each end allowing you to undo the connection at both ends of the ball valve to the pipe without cutting.

All our ball Valves will require appropriate sleeves to reduce down for use with metric black waste solvent weld pipe which will come supplied.

The valve design also features a removable key from the handle, the key will enable to user to first undo the valve for maintenance to be carried out. With the key, the tension of the seal can be changed. in most cases eradicating any leaks that might occur over time or regular usage. This is perfect for prolonging the life of the valve

Each valve will be able to fit either waste or pressure pipe, with the addition of the reducing bushes supplied.

Please note that all materials used on the valves are safe to use in conjunction with salt and chemical treatments.


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Weight 7.250 kg