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4″/110mm Weighted Suction Dome Aqua-Jet Air Diffuser (Retro Fit Bottom Drain)



4″/110mm Weighted Suction Dome Aqua-Jet Air Diffuser and Plate

The 4″/110mm Weighted Suction Dome Aqua-Jet Air Diffuser version is designed to allow a larger  volume of water flow

The Weighted Suction Dome Range was developed for customers who have an existing pond but want the same great benefits that a bottom Drain gives you, without having to rebuild your pond.

Suction domes are a great device and once connected will greatly improve the water circulation around any pond. This improved water circulation helps remove suspended particles and debris from the bottom of your pond, resulting in reduced maintenance.

No digging or putting a hole in your pond liner is necessary. Just place directly into the lowest part of your pond. Working in the same great way a Sump Drain does, pulling debris and solids directly from the bottom straight into your filter system.

The Weighted Suction Dome range is easy to clean and service and is all fitted with a Base Plate set to the correct height to give maximum draw across the bottom of the pond. So even if the bottom of your pond is not dead flat there are no worries in restriction of flow.

Why Use an Aerated Version?

The Aerated Versions really do have it all. The same great suction properties as the Weighted Dome, but with the added benefit of aeration. The movement of water makes it 30% more efficient at removing debris and solids, increased oxygen levels are beneficial to aquatic and plant life, and the removal of harmful gases.

The weighted suction dome aqua-jet air diffuser incorporates a perforated airline that coils over 3 meters. The design of the weighted suction dome aqua-jet air diffuser is like no other on the current market. The airline is coiled in such a way to give maximum surface area and optimize aeration.

The weighted suction dome aqua-jet air diffuser produces fine bubbles, and really is like no other aerator on the market. This product produces such a huge amount of aeration and once purchased it really will not disappoint.

Comes supplied with fittings for a gravity  fed system.

All versions come with a fitting bag. – 4″/110mm bend, 32mm solvent weld hosetail,30cm of 32mm pipe, plastic bung, a bag of gravel, and Instruction Leaflet.

Replacement Perforated Air Line

The weighted suction dome aqua-jet air diffuser perforated airline is also available to purchase separately from our online store. No other aerator on the market has this option, making this product last a lifetime.

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