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Weighted Suction Dome Base Plate Extension Kit



Weighted Suction Dome Base Plate Extension Kit

The weighted suction dome base plate extension kit has been created to increase the gap from the base plate to the base of the dome, this will increase the amount of water that can be drawn through the weighted suction dome.

This is only recommended for use with a gravity fed system, the larger the gaps the more flow that will be diverted from “drawing” debris from the pond base

Please note –  NOT recommended for use with the Rubber Membrane Modle


This is a self-fit kit – please read the following before attempting to fit.

Step one – Mark the orientation of the base plate to the weighted suction dome with a marker pen (this is to ensure it will aline when reassembled)

Step two – Remove the base plate pegs, releasing the base plate from the weighted suction dome

Step three – located around the bottom of the weighted suction dome are 12 square spacers,6 have a drilled hole to receive the fixing pegs. Remove the 6 black screw caps located on the upper side of the dome to reveal the threaded bolt that connects the 6 square spacers (with drilled holes) to the dome.

Step four – Unscrew the first square spacer, once unscrewed, remove it from the dome (only removing one bolt at a time and fitting it back before moving on to the next)

Step five – take the square spacer you have just removed and add it to the long bolt supplied in the extension kit followed by a new square spacer supplied in the kit (ensuring the bold head is sitting in the countersunk hole of the foot) and attach to the dome and add the threaded nut and tighten. ensuring the drilled hole in the foot is facing outwards to receive the base plate peg

Step six  – repeat for the 5 remaining square spacers.

Step seven – Aline the base plate and weighted suction dome, ensuring the orientation is correct (using the mark you made earlier)

Step eight – tap in the base plate pegs, securing the base plate to the weighted suction dome

It is important that the square feed with the drilled holes lined up to the same position on the base plate


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