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Ozonair Purifier Units

The Aquasure Ozonair Purifier unit will help cure and most importantly help prevent common fish ailments such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, ulcers, mouth sores, fin rot, and parasite infestations. Until relatively recently the only way to treat such problems was to use additives in the water or apply ointments directly to the wound. Certain additives can be detrimental to the koi’s health and in some cases life-threatening if added at the incorrect dosage.

The oxidation process has a huge effect on not only the quality of the water but also the visual aspect. The issue is that the food fed to koi fish is extremely high in protein. Koi do not need and cannot process much more than 25-30% of protein, the rest is pure waste, and in return ends up as muluma. The muluma will pass through the pond filter system but not all of it will be collected with some returning back to your pond.