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Pond Aerators

The Eco Filtration range of pond aerators includes the Aqua-Jet Air diffuser Aeration Range, developed to be the most versatile and robust aerators on the market. Proper aeration is the most important part of a successful and healthy pond. Due to the robust materials used in the design of the Aqua-Jet range, the aerators do not dissolve/break up like more conventional air stones.

All aerators in the Aqua-Jet range come supplied with heavy feet, not only do the weighted feet keep the aerator firmly in place when situated, the feet also help keep the aerator raised off the bottom of the pond. This helps in several ways, first of which it keeps the aerator out of any sediment that might be at the bottom of your pond and it will help prevent the aerator from blocking. It will also offer 360 degrees of air movement utilising the full benefits of the perforated hose.