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Retro Fit Bottom Pond Drains - Aerated/Weighted Suction Domes

The Weighted Suction Dome is more commonly known as the retro fit bottom pond drain and is designed to be fitted to existing fish ponds, without the need for a pond liner hole or channel underneath an existing pond. Once fitted it provides the same great benefits that a bottom pond drain gives, without having to rebuild the existing pond.

Retro bottom drains once connected to a pond filtration system greatly improve the water quality, versions fitted with an integrated aerator work even more effectively as they create water circulation within the pond that helps remove suspended particles as well as debris from the bottom of the pond, resulting in reduced maintenance and better water quality.

There is no need to put a hole in the center of your pond liner, just place the device directly into the lowest part of your pond. A Weighted Suction Dome works in the same great way a sump drain does, pulling debris and solids directly from the bottom of your pond straight into your filter system.

If you are Building a New Pond our Compac (non aerated) or Standard Pond Drains are more cost-effective, but do require a hole in the pond liner.