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MK1 Ozonair Purifier Unit

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The Aqua Sure Ozonair Purifier Unit (MK 1)

The Aquasure Ozonair Purifier unit will cure and most importantly help prevent common ailments such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, low immune system, ulcers, mouth sores, fin rot, and parasite infestations. Up until now the only way to treat such problems was to use additives in the water or apply them directly to the wound. Additives can be detrimental to the koi’s health or in some cases life-threatening if added in the wrong quantities or situation.

The oxidation process has a huge effect on not only the quality of the water but also the visual aspect. The link between them both is surprisingly similar. The food that we feed our koi is extremely high in protein. Koi do not need and cannot process/utilize much more than 25-30% of protein the rest is pure waste, and in return ends up as muluma. The muluma will pass through your filter system but not all will be collected/trapped and will return back to your pond.

The muluma is dissolved into the water, making dissolved organic carbons (DOCs). Bacteria thrive by feeding on the high proteins in DOCs. The bacteria will cause ailments such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, low immune system, ulcers, mouth sores, fin rot, and parasite infestations. These are all extremely detrimental to the fish’s health.

Algae is caused by the presence of too much organic material from DOCs. If the amount of organic material is too high, the water loses the ability to maintain adequate oxygen levels. This is because the DOCs produce Carbon dioxide (CO2). The absence of oxygen provided by organic material allows algae and different kinds of “weed” to thrive. This will also affect the clarity of the water, causing a yellowy/brown tinge and in some cases a green film to appear on the surface.

The Ozonair Purifier Unit produces ozone; ozone is created naturally in the world around us by the combination of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays or by the electrical discharge during a lightning storm. On some occasions, you can smell the pungent odor after an electrical storm. Ozone is a natural purifier, meaning no harmful chemical by-products are created. The only by-product is pure oxygen. Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms. One of the atoms is connected to the others weakly and will transfer itself to other substances such as bacteria (DOCs) or in this case carbon dioxide (CO2) causing them to oxidize by binding itself onto them. Once the oxidation process has happened the only molecule left is pure oxygen.

Getting the most out of your Ozonair Purifier: To get the best out of this unit we recommend it to be used in conjunction with an Aqua-Jet Air diffuser, the Aqua-Jet aerator range has been designed especially with the Aquasure Ozone Purifier unit in mind. The range of aerators produces finer plumes of bubbles that disperse in the water giving optimal effect from the ozone produced by the unit.

Is my pond too large for this little unit? : The answer is not at all, this unit is more than capable of working with extremely large ponds. The only difference will be the time taken to totally treat the water.

The more conventional ultraviolet sterilizers will only treat air/water that comes into contact with the UV bulb or quarts. After the air/water has passed through and out of the UV unit the sterilization process will stop. The oxidation reaction, produced by the Ozonair purifier unit works differently even after the air/water has passed throughout, the unit and is not in contact with the ozone bulb. The oxidation reaction will still accrue and carry on treating any oxidizable substances that are present.


Is Ozone dangerous to my pond or fish? : Not in the dosages this unit produces. Ozone is only dangerous in extremely large quantities. The Aquasure Ozone Purifier Unit has been designed to run for twenty-four hours a day, twelve months of the year even on a small pond with no adverse effects. The only by-product of the oxidation reaction is pure oxygen


Maintenance: Although maintenance is minimal on the Ozonair Purifier Unit, the bulb will need replacing at three-month intervals. The bulb may be illuminated and appear to be working but the radiation dosage diminishes with age and is ineffective after six months.


How effective is ozone?: The manufacturers have told us when the unit was in its testing/trial stages a test they carried out to see how effective this unit really is, was filling a tank up with clean tap water and adding Blue ink. Once the blue water was exposed to the ozone all the ink vanished leaving the water crystal clear. This is done by a process called oxidation


Fault Indicator: This Ozonair Unit has been designed with a built-in Fault Indicator. If a fault occurs the visual Fault Indicator light will illuminate on the front of the Electronic Unit. If a fault is detected, the fault detector will shut the Electronic Unit down to protect the internal workings of the unit and Ozonair tube, giving no power output to the bulb.

This Aquasure Ozonair Purifier Unit is a compact unit that simply connects to your airline.

Setting up requires nothing more than connecting an airline from your air pump to the ozone unit. Then connect the airline from the ozone unit to your in pond air outlet. . Be it one from our range of Aqua-Jet Aerators, Aerated Weighted Suction Domes, or Bottom Drain Aerators. (This unit will also help reduce the build-up of algae and limescale on all aerators).

The benefits of this unit are that the only maintenance is the three monthly replacements of a bulb. You should notice that after a couple of days there will be an improvement in water clarity and the dissolved oxygen levels should have raised slightly whilst the pH and ORP remain unchanged. Clarity should improve a reduction of docs should be noticed. Additional peripherals such as air stones, aerated bottom drains and aerated weighted suction domes should perform better requiring less maintenance with the ozone unit attached. You will also notice that the ceramic air diffusers connected to the ozone unit will become more efficient.

Due to no change in the oxidation or reduction potential readings, this unit produces a very low amount of ozone. It does break down in the pond thus removing dissolved organic molecules and it also raises the dissolved oxygen level of water.

 This Ozonair Purifier Unit produces approximately 0.027mg of ozone per minute (1.62mg per hour) and uses only 9 watts of power



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9 Watt Single Ended Ozonair Unit, 18 Watt Single Ended Ozonair Unit, 55 Watt Single Ended Ozonair Unit