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MK1 Ozonair Purifier Replacement Body

Part Number 11348 Category



Ozonair Replacement Body

This Body is fast and easy to install. Simply disconnect the ozone bulb and then remove the electrical box from the bracket mounted on the side of your old Ozonair body (by sliding upwards) Repeat this process when installing your new body

The Ozonair body has been redesigned for 2020.The new body now allows for the replacement of the center reaction chamber.

After a period of use the ozone begins to break down the reaction chamber, until now a whole new body would have to be purchased to rectify this.

This prolongs the life of the unit due to all spears now being available.

Once the electrics and bulb have been safely removed it is a simple process of unthreaded the nut in the center of the body to split it in two half’s.

Once the body has been separated the reaction chamber will be visible and able to be removed.

Simply replace the old reaction chamber with the new one and begin to reassemble your unit.

Please note: The replacement reaction chamber will only be compatible with the new style of body, the new style of body will have a nut in the center apposed the old body being plain in the center.

The body comes complete with

2 x hosetails

2 x “O”rings

2 x retaining nut for the hosetails fitting

1 x retaining nut for the ozone bulb

1 x reaction chamber


This body can only be worked in conjunction with the ozone air unit.


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Weight 0.564 kg