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Black 2″/56mm Demountable Venturi



The Aqua-Jet 56mm Demountable Coupling Venturi (Black)

The Aqua-Jet Venturi is a fantastic addition to a pond, as it injects air into your pond water to ensure adequate pond aeration without the need for an extra pump or power cable to run it.
The Venturi simply connects to the pond outlet and using the flow of water being produced from the pond circulation pump, will create a vacuum which will suck air in from the atmosphere and mix with the water inside the Venturi, making bubbles to increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the pond water. This is beneficial for fish, plant life, biological filtration and reduces the build-up of dissolved toxic gasses.

The Venturi can be fitted to any pumped system. Depending on the output of your pump simply push the small funnel (low output pump) or large funnel (high output pump) into the rear of the main body.

The Aqua-Jet Demountable Coupling Venturi body has an outside diameter (OD) of 43mm at the output of the Venturi body. The input of the venture body has the addition of a demountable coupling with an internal diameter (ID) of 56mm. The demountable coupling will receive fittings/ridged pipe with an outside(OD) of 56mm.

The In-line Venturi is fitted with 2 x 43mm demountable couplings on either end of the Venturi body. This just makes breaking down/cleaning your Venturi really easy when situated in-line in your system.

Please Note: despite being fitted inline it is still imperative that the outlet of the venture has a free flow of water and does not succumb to back pressure.

What is a Demountable Coupling? Demountable Couplings are used when the need for line equipment such as  (UV, Pump, Filter supply, etc.) will need to be removed, either this be for maintenance or cleaning. Once the chosen fittings/ridged pipe has been installed to the demountable coupling simply a-line the male (Demountable Coupling body) and the female (Retaining Nut) threads together and tighten down. Once tightened the heavy duty E.D.P.M sealing washer will make a superb watertight seal

Why a Aqua-Jet Demountable Coupling Venturi?

There are a couple of benefits of having an Aqua-Jet Demountable Coupling Venturi as opposed to a standard model. The demountable makes it possible to unscrew and remove the Venturi body from your system.
The biggest problem with using clear/transparent pipework and fittings is that over a reasonably short period of time, they begin to have a horrible build-up of algae. This will affect the ability to see the water flow and also looking old and untidy. The other benefit is being able to easily change the funnel size without breaking your system down.

This model of Aqua-Jet Demountable Venturi is fitted with a 43mm Demountable Coupling (Please refer to our demountable chart for more information)

Please Note: The Venturi is solvent weld, always use a non-toxic adhesive

The clear Venturi can act as a sight glass, allowing you to see water flow

Supplied: Main Venturi Body, Displacement Ball, Air IntakeTube, Interchangeable High and Low Funnels and Instruction Leaflet



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