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2″/56mm Swept COMPAC Bottom Drain (50mm Domestic Waste-Pipe)



56mm/2″ Swept COMPAC Bottom Drain (50mm Domestic Waste-Pipe)

This COMPAC Bottom Drain has been designed to work in conjunction with 56mm solvent weld pipe (please view our pipe identification chart for finding your correct pipe size)

The COMPAC Bottom Drains are suitable for smaller ponds or for multiple inlets.

The COMPAC Bottom drain uses a vertical outlet from its base, making it ideal to be placed at any height in the pond, from a Bottom Drain to a Surface Skimmer. Easy to install through a pond liner or rigid tank using the ring and Stainless Steel Screws provided. (Quantity will vary depending on the size of the COMPAC Bottom Drain

The addition of a 90 degree swept bend is perfect for inlets/outlets from the side of a tank/filter where you need to get from a vertical position to a horizontal level.

This item is great for overflows or maintaining a pacific water level, whether that be in your pond or filter system

The Swept COMPAC Bottom Drain kit will come disassembled; this offers the user more flexibility and the ability to tailor-make it to suit their requirements. Whether that be the angle or the lengths (height) of the joiner tube

Do not confuse these with inferior tank connectors. Many inferior products use zinc plated screws and can have adverse effects underwater, especially when salt or chemicals such as formalin and malachite green come into regular contact with such fixings. This will have a negative effect on your pond water quality.

Please Note; that the size stated on the listing refers to the INTERNAL DIAMETER (ID) of the COMPAC Bottom Drain body and what size pipe (OD of pipe)  it will accept. Please refer to the pipe size identification chart that has been provided above to identify what pipe you have and what fittings you require

Always use a non-toxic sealant

Solvent Weld Fitting.

Supplied – 90 Degree Bend, Flange Body, Flange Ring, COMPAC Dome, internal Joiner, Stainless Steel Screw (Quantity will vary depending on the size of the COMPAC Bottom Drain).

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