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Bio-Plas Slo-Flo Filtration Media (5 Litres)

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Bio-Plas Slo-Flo Filtration Media

Bio-Plas Slo-Flo filtration media offers the same benefits and fetches as all our other filtration media in our Bio-Plas range. Slo-Flo has been designed to reduce the flow/speed of water dramatically. This has huge benefits when using anytime of filtration media. The slower the water flow the more bacteria and partial matter will end up forming and settling out. Making your filtration system even more efficient.

This is a brilliant Mechanical and Biological Filtration media; it has a large surface area allowing Bacteria to colonies while collecting debris and plant material from the pond with no compromise on the flow of water.

How it works
Bio-Plas Filtration Media works by providing a perfect place for a delicate eco-system to develop. Bio-Plas Filtration Media provides a large surface area for the bacteria involved in the nitrification process to grow. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water

• Bio-Plus Filtration Media has a superior quality to others on the market
• Dramatically increases the efficiency of filter systems
• Can be used in static and moving filter chambers
• Provides a large surface area
• Designed for koi,marine and tropical aquarium filters

Bio-Plas Slo-Flo filtration media will be sold in 5 litre bags.

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Weight 0.314 kg