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Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 Filtration Media (100 Litres Black)

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Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 Filtration Media


Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 is the ideal media for filling larger chambers/tanks due to its large size, despite this, it offers a huge surface area making its media ideal for all biological and mechanical filters

Supplied in a bulk sack

Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 Filtration Media Offers a huge amount of surface area despite its compact design. As the name suggests this media is perfect for filling large static/moving filter chambers. This is a brilliant Mechanical and Biological Filtration media; it has a large surface area allowing Bacteria to colonies while collecting debris and plant material from the pond with no compromise water flow.

Air care products (manufacturers of the Bio-Plas range) told us when designing the Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 their main focus was maximizing surface area on a small footprint. Bio-Plas COMPAC was carefully designed in such a shape that offers the maximum amount of surface area. The unique shape also helps each piece of media interlock in a tight formation increasing surface area in even the smallest of filter chambers

• Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 has a surface area of 300sqm per cu m
• Each piece of Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 is 60mm DIA x 23mm
• Bio-Plas COMPAC 300 will offer the best filtration properties of any media on the market.


Bio-Plas Filtration Media Range

How it works
Bio-Plas Filtration Media works by providing a perfect place for a delicate eco-system to develop. Bio-Plas Filtration Media provides a large surface area for the bacteria involved in the nitrification process to grow. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water

The Bio-Plas range contains 6 different types of media;
1. Bio-Plas Micro
2. Bio-Plas Slo-Flo
3. Bio-Plas Volume
4. Bio-Plas Mega-Flo
5. Bio-Plas COMPAC 200
6. Bio-Plas COMPAC 300
All of which have been purposely made for different jobs when it comes to filtration. All media in the Bio-Plas group range in size, buoyancy and colour

Why a plastic filtration media?
Plastic filtration media has many advantages…
• Plastic filtration media is sterile
• Plastic filtration media will not bio degrade making it a great investment for any filter system due to it lasting a life time.
• Bio-Plas filtration media is made from 100% recycled plastic

Litre of Media converted to a volume
20 liters = 20000cm3
100 liters = 100000cm3
1000 liters = 1000000cm3 (1metre cm2)

Bulk Orders
If a bulk order is needed (2000 Liters+) please contact us directly so we can discuss lead times, colour, pricing and delivery

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