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Weighted Suction Dome (Retro Fit Bottom Drain)



Weighted Suction Dome


What Is A Weighted Suction Dome?
The Weighted Suction Dome Range was developed for customers who have a new or existing pond but want the same great benefits that a bottom drain gives you, without having to rebuild your pond.

Weighted Suction Domes are a great device and once connected will greatly improve the water circulation around any pond. This improved water circulation helps remove suspended particles and debris from the bottom of your pond, resulting in reduced maintenance.

No digging or putting a hole in the center of your pond liner is necessary. Just place directly into the lowest part of your pond. A Weighted Suction Dome works in the same great way a Sump Drain does, pulling debris and solids directly from the bottom of your pond straight into your filter system.

The Weighted Suction Dome range is easy to clean and service and is all fitted with a Base Plate set to the correct height to give maximum draw across the bottom of the pond. So even if the bottom of your pond is not completely level there are no worries in restriction of flow.

What Comes With Your Weighted Suction Dome Kit?
Your Weighted Suction Dome is supplied with a fitting bag that will have all the necessary parts to either work with a gravity or pump fed system. Attachments for fitting to rigid pipe of 56mm/2” or 43mm/1.5”.

The fitting bag also includes 2 different sized hosetail,this will accompany flexi hose sizes of 20mm(3/4”)-25mm(1”)-30mm-32mm(1.25”)-40mm-43mm(1.5”)-50mm
• 56mm/2” Tee Joiner
• 56mm/2” Spinner
• 56mm/2” Threaded Nut
• 56mm/2” “O” Ring
• 56mm/2”- 50mm Reducing Bush
• 56mm/2” Blank End Cap and Pipe Spigot
• 56mm/2”- 43mm/1.5” Reducing Bush
• 43mm 4 Stepped Hosetail
• 50mm 3 Stepped Hosetail
• Bung
• 2.5KG of Ballast

What is a Pump Fed Filter System?
A pump fed filter system is where water is pumped from your pond to your filter system. In situations such as if your filters are located higher than your pond.

What is a Gravity Fed System?
A gravity fed system is where the force of gravity will drain the water out of your pond and into your filter system without the need of an additional water pump. Please note: this will only work if your filter system is situated lower than your pond

Does the Weighted Suction Dome require an additional size pump?
The weighted suction dome does not require any additional sized pump. The product will work with whatever size pump you feel is sufficient for your system

For use with a pump, the hosetails supplied have been designed to fit 7 standard diameter hoses. Check the size of the hose you are going to use and then cut the hosetail to the correct size that is needed and de-burr the cut for maximum flow
43mm Hosetail (Small) 20mm(3/4”)-25mm(1”)-32mm(1.25”)-38mm(1.5”)
50mm Hosetail (Large) 32mm(1.25”)-40mm-50mm