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2″ BSP Male Thread to a 2″/56mm Demountable Coupling (50mm Domestic Waste Pipe)



2″ BSP Male Thread to 56mm Demountable Coupling (50mm Domestic Waste Pipe)

This fitting is ideal for attaching to a threaded outlet/inlet of a pump when needing to convert it to ridged pipe

This fitting has a 2” BSP male threaded. The fitting screws onto a 2” BSP female fitting, giving you a range of options when building your system.

The fitting has been designed to allow the user to temporarily break down their system from their pump, this is ideal for when maintenance/cleaning of the pump is required

Thread size- 2” BSP Male

Please note: This fitting has an internal diameter (ID) of 56mm,so it will only work with fittings/solvent weld pipe that had an outside diameter (OD) of 56mm (50mm Domestic Waste) (please view our pipe identification chart if you are unsure what pipe you require)

Understanding BSP Thread Sizes

Please view the chart supplied for a detailed conversion between BSP thread sizes to millimeters

What is a Demountable Coupling? Demountable Couplings are used when the need for line equipment such as  (UV, Pump, Filter supply, etc.) will need to be removed, either this be for maintenance or cleaning. Once the chosen fittings/ridged pipe have been installed to the demountable coupling simply a-line the male (Demountable Coupling body) and the female (Retaining Nut) threads together and tighten down. Once tightened the heavy duty E.D.P.M sealing washer will make a superb water tight seal

Demountable Couplings are quick and easy to use, making them perfect for any job, where regular maintenance or cleaning needs to be carried out.

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