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Replacement Aqua-Jet Air Diffuser Dome

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Replacement Aqua-Jet Air Diffuser Dome

This product allows you to transform your standard large pond Bottom Drain into an aerator. This is ideal if you have or are thinking about buying a standard   9″ x 4″ Bottom Drain, you can simply change it into an aerator at a later date.

Why An Aerated Bottom Drain? 

The benefit of having an Aerator on your Bottom Drain is the rising air bubbles make an uplift, this circulates the water towards the Bottom Drain making the Bottom Drain up to 30% more efficient at removing debris and waste from the pond. Not only does it help with the performance of the bottom drain but also aerates the water making for a healthier environment in your pond

The aerator on this dome is neatly coiled on the Bottom Drain dome and is over 5 meters in length, 5420mm to be exact. The Aqua-Jet range has been tried and tested across the globe and is considered the best money can buy simply because it offers superb aeration like no other design on the market.

The aerator is fitted with an air input tee that will accept flexible airlines with an internal diameter (ID) of 6mm. This kit comes supplied with 10 meters of flexible clear PVC airline (6mmID-8mmOD)

Replacement Parts

This model of Aqua-Jet aerator allows for the perforated hose to be replaced, extending the longevity of the product’s lifetime. The perforated hose simply unclips and is replaced with a new one from the replacement kit. (For more information please see our product archive)

Installing to an Air pump

We recommend the use of an air pump between 60-80 LMP for sufficient performance.
Simply connect the airline that is attached to the Bottom Drain to your air pump. For ease of assembly place the tip of the airline in warm water for a few seconds and push onto the chosen fitting.

Supplied -Aqua-Jet Aerated Dome, High Adjuster Tube, 10 meters of Flexible Clear PVC Airline (6mmID-8mmOD) Instruction Leaflet

Changing The Dome

Changing the dome on your bottom drain is an extremely simple process. it will be a case of removing your existing dome from the high adjuster tube and replacing it with the new one, making sure to align the spigot of the dome to the high adjuster tube and pushing on firmly.

Height Adjustment Tube

All bottom drain sold by eco-filtration are manufactured by Air Care Products (ACP). The ACP design of sump has a height adjustment tube of 50mm (OD)

Other brands on the market have different diameter height adjustment tubes; if so we see a range of reducing/joining bush’s. This will enable any of our replacement domes to be used in conjunction with any brand of bottom drain sump.

For example: 43mm/1.5″OD – 50mmID

For more information please see our product archive

Additional information

Weight 2.024 kg