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SUBAIR Aerated Pond Bottom Drain Kit




The SUBAIR Aerated Pond Bottom Drain Kit has been created to offer a discrete way of connection from the air supply to the aerated dome through the sump drain. The design focuses on simplicity, reliability, and ease of construction whiles reducing the amount of “clutter” in and through your pond. Originating from a steeple design of bottom drain and aerator that has been on the market since the early 2000s . The SUBAIR allows for the PVC air supply hose to enter the bottom drain sump independently, this eradicated the need for the air supply hose to be fed through your pond and connecting the aerated bottom drain dome. Make for a more minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing design when looking and observing from above.

The large Bottom Drain has been designed to give a high-efficiency low maintenance system when constructing a pond; it draws debris and solids from the pond floor. Using a gravity feed system is more beneficial as the solids get fed straight into your filter system for removal and not liquidized into fine particles as within a  pond pump. The finer the particles the harder it is for your filter system to remove, resulting in a poorer quality of water. The 110mm outlet on the 9” x 4” Bottom Drain gives a high flow of water which gives a good “draw” removing debris from across the bottom of the pond

This Bottom Drain has been designed to work in conjunction with 110mm solvent weld pipe (please view our pipe identification chart for finding your correct pipe size) 

The SUBAIR Aerated Pond Bottom Drain Kit features an aerated dome; the aerated dome has a perforated rubber membrane. The benefit of having an aerator on your Bottom Drain is the rising air bubbles makes an uplift, this circulates the water towards the Bottom Drain making the Bottom Drain up to 30% more efficient at removing debris and waste from the pond. Not only does it help with the performance of the bottom drain but also aerates the water making for a healthier environment in your pond.

The aerator on this dome is a carefully perforated rubber membrane; the rubber membrane has been a firm favorite amongst koi and pond enthusiasts for over a decade, It’s easy to see why. The rubber membrane is inconspicuous when situated on the bottom of ponds. Due to the manufacturing methods used when producing the rubber membrane aerator, the rubber membrane is different to other aerators on the market. The bubbles are slowly released and larger in size, creating a more subtle “boil” on the surface. The perforated dome offers a large amount of surface area for aeration.

We recommend the use of an air pump between 40-60 LMP for sufficient performance.

The aerator is fitted with Air Supply Hose with an internal diameter (ID) of 9.5mm. This kit comes supplied with 15 meters of Air Supply Hose (9.5mmID-13mmOD) more Air Supply Hose and fittings are available to be purchased from your local stockists or call/email Air Care Products LTD (+44(0)1206564443)(

Cleaning Your Rubber Membrane Aerator Dome: From time to time your Rubber Membrane Aerator will require cleaning. Place in a bucket of clean water with the air still circulating and brush over with a nail brush/toothbrush. This will open up the pores to keep it clean. Your aerator will produce finer bubbles once it has been submerged for about 30/60 minutes

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