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Aqua Sure Universal Round Pre-filter/Strainer Cage



Aqua Sure Universal Pre-filter

Designed to increase the filtered surface area at your pond pump’s inlet, the Aqua Sure Universal Pre-filter acts as a more secure barrier to your filtration system, protecting both your main filter and pump from becoming clogged with leaves and stones, and keeping the wildlife in your pond from being sucked into the system.
Designed for primary use with submersible pumps, each Universal Pre-Filter can be adapted to be used with surface pumps too, protecting all alike from the likelihood of clogging and damage.

The Pre-filter is fitted with two grill options, the Pre-filter itself has 5mm slots around the Dia. The second grill is a finer mesh that is 4mm x 4mm square, This grill can also be easily removed if not required

Cleaning the Pre-Filter couldn’t be easier, simply unthread the four white retaining nuts located on the joining spigot plate, once removed it will allow access to the inside of the Pre-Filter.

The Aqua Sure Universal Pre-filter range comes in 3 different sizes, all suiting different requirements

43mm Pre-Filter Kit (For Pumps) (40mm Domestic Waste) – This kit comes with fitting to enable it to be used with flexible hose sizes (ID) of 20mm (3/4″) – 25mm (1″) 30mm – 32mm – (1.25″) 38mm -(1.5″) – 40mm – 50mm flexi hose as well as being able to connect to 43mm/1.5” Rigid pipe (40mm Domestic Waste).

This pre filter can work with both submersible and dry pumps, this unit will also be supplied with a number of fittings allowing the user to directory mount their submersible pump straight onto

56mm Pre-Filter Kit (50mm Domestic Waste) – This kit is fitted with a joining spigot that has a 56mmID (50mm Domestic Waste) ideal for connecting to ridged pipe/fittings

110mm Pre-Filter Kit – This kit comes with a revisable joining spigot, the spigot has a 110mm OD (Ideal for connecting to 110mm ID fittings) and a 110mmID that can be connected to 110mmOD waste pipe

A product that is produced to a high quality and one that never disappoints

Pre-Filter /Cage Size: Hight-160mm    Dia- 280mm

Please Note: This Product is solvent weld

Additional information

Pre-Filter Size

43mm Pre-Filter Kit (40mm Domestic Waste), 56mm Pre-Filter Kit (50mm Domestic Waste), 110mm Pre-Filter Kit