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Grid Topper Kit

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Grid Topper Kit

Filter grid Topper has been designed to reduce the grid size on the popular filter grid.

The original grid size is 18mm x 18mm, the addition of the Grid Topper kit will reduce the grid size down to 7mm x 7mm.

This is ideal if you are using a small/fine media in your systems

One Grid Topper kit is meant for one matt (680mm x W 400mm x D 12mm) the Grid Topper kit sits just shy of the outside edge of the grid

What Comes With The Kit?

The kit is supplied with 5 Grid Toppers (130mm x 383mm) and 10 pairs of Clips. The kit will have to be assembled once arrived

The clips come in two halves that simply push/snap together, please note once the clips have been secured to each other they are not designed to come apart and you risk breaking them.

Filter grid is not supplied with the Grid Topper kit

Filter grids can be purchased from Our site

Additional information

Weight 0.202 kg