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Bio-Plas Mega-Flo Filtration Media (20 Litres)

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Bio-Plas Mega-Flo Filtration Media

Bio-Plas Mega-Flo offers superb surface area perfect for filtration but not compromising on water flow.

Bio-Plas Mega-Flo Filtration Media is the largest in our range. This media is perfect for filling large static/moving filter chambers. Out of all the different types of media in our range this is the perfect one for bulk use due to is exceptional value for money. Bio-Plas Mega-Flo filtration media has been designed to maximize surface area but not compromise water flow.
This is a brilliant Mechanical and Biological Filtration media; it has a large surface area allowing Bacteria to colonise while collecting debris and plant material from the pond with no compromise on water flow.

• Each 20 litres of media contains over 100 pieces of media
• Each piece of media is 55mmDIA x 52mm

Please Note:
• The colour will be clear/transparent
• A free Bio-Plas sack will be received with every 20 litres

Bio-Plas Filtration Media Range

How it works
Bio-Plas Filtration Media works by providing a perfect place for a delicate eco-system to develop. Bio-Plus Filtration Media provides a large surface Area for the bacteria involved in the nitrification process to grow. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water

The Bio-Plas range contains 6 different types of media;
1. Bio-Plas Micro
2. Bio-Plas Slo-Flo
3. Bio-Plas Volume
4. Bio-Plas Mega-Flo
5. Bio-Plas COMPAC 200
6. Bio-Plas COMPAC 300

All of which has been purposely made for different jobs when it comes to filtration. All media in the Bio-Plas group range in size, buoyancy and colour

Why a plastic filtration media?
Plastic filtration media has many advantages?.
• Plastic filtration media is sterile
• Plastic filtration media will not bio degrade making it a great investment for any filter system due to it lasting a lift time.
• Bio-Plas filtration media is made from 100% recycled plastic

Bio-Plas Filtration Sacks : Here at eco-filtration we know through experience of owning and keeping koi when it comes the time of cleaning your filtration system it can be a time consuming and frustrating process having to remove the filtration media piece by piece. The Filtration Sacks are only available in one size; the reason behind this is once filtration media has been in a functioning filtration system for a while it will start to build up levels of mulma. Depending on how much mulma has build up it can be extremely heavy to life and making it very awkward to clean. The 20 litre sacks make changing and cleaning your filtration system easy.

With each individual 20 litres of filter Bio-Plas filtration media that is purchased we will also supply a free Bio-Plas Filter sack (Please Note: this excludes 100 litres and 1000 liters). Bio-Plas Filtration Sacks will hold up to 20 litres of filtration media.

Litre of Media converted to a volume
20 liters = 20000cm3
100 liters = 100000cm3
1000 liters = 1000000cm3 (1metre cm2)

Bulk Orders : If a bulk order is needed (2000 Liters+) please contact us directly so we can discuses lead times, colour, pricing and delivery.

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Weight 1.139 kg